Saturday, June 24, 2017


We had the best time in Venice which was the last leg of our trip! The city was like nothing you've ever seen before because there really weren't streets anywhere for bike, cars, etc and it was so amazing to me to think that it was build like this hundreds of years ago literally on marshes and in the water.  

We went on a gondola ride with another a few other people from our group and it was a highlight of the trip, in a gondola a few boats behind us there was a music group and so we could listen to the Italian songs being played as we floated through the canals.
Another highlight of Venice was drinking cappuccinos at San Marco's square. We really had cappuccinos all day every day while in Italy which I'm sure raised my coffee/caffeine tolerance a bit (opps) but even at the little restaurant there as a music group playing that you could enjoy while sitting outside.
I thought the little gondoliers were all so adorable in their matching hats and striped shirts!

Hope you enjoyed these past few Italy recaps and be on the lookout for more outfit posts to come in August! 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Orvieto and Florence

On our drive from Rome to Florence we stopped at Orvieto which is a small hilltop village and it is my FAVORITE! I loved nothing more than just looking out over at the Italian countryside at the different villas and even a castle or two with so many different vineyards and horses roaming around. Right then and there I put 'stay in a villa outside of Orvieto for a summer' on my bucket list...
We made it to Florence and saw David first thing.
On our second night in Florence we had dinner with my good friend Hannah and her dad who were also in Italy! We ate at the neatest restaurant that had once been a church and had the yummiest parmesan risotto.
The Arno was right beside our hotel so it made navigation pretty easy getting to and from our hotel to different shopping places or museums. In the above picture Nanny took the same picture 50 years ago on another trip to florence in the same location! 
We also went over to Pisa for a day which honestly wasn't my favorite but glad to have seen it and I do not regret not taking a cheesy picture holding up the tower.
We went to the Uffizi and rode up the elevator with none other than Tommy Hilfiger who was in Florence for mens fashion week!
On our last night in Florence we got to learn how to make the most delicious pizzas! They were SO good and simple too with just cheese, sauce and dough to make the entire thing (I added pepperonis to mine). Fun fact - they only take 90 seconds to cook in the fire ovens 

Stay tuned for last but not least a Venice post on Saturday! 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rome Recap

I just returned from the greatest trip to Italy! I went with my grandmother and we traveled to Rome, Florence, Venice (Pisa and Orvieto for little day trips too) and were gone for 10 days. Everything it Italy is so perfect from the food to the museums and shopping. A favorite thing about traveling to me is often just being in a new and beautiful place and we often just simply enjoyed the city by eating outside of little pizzerias and taking in the gorgeous scenery!
I loved this view from our balcony in Rome - the wide streets, old and pretty buildings along the tree lined streets really reminded me of Paris 
I had always heard the the gelato was super good in Italy but I didn't know how it could be so  different from the type we are use to in America. It was much sweeter and creamier and a bit more 'real' if that makes any sense but we found the cutest little gelato shop down one of the side streets near our hotel and this darling old man made it and was always so excited to see us as we made many trips there during our stay

Breakfast each morning in Rome was so good with many options to eat of course was fun to eat and drink our cappuccinos outside at these little tables.
The Coliseum was amazing because of it's size and grandness. We got to actually walk through a special entrance that was the same gate that the gladiators had entered through! 
Ha here we are with some special guest at our dinner! 
Us at the Vatican City 
Here we are at the Sistine Chapel which was my favorite in Rome - we were able to go at night after main visiting hours so it was less crowded and we were able to throughly enjoy how beautiful it was and it really was splendid and ornate.  
This day we had 2 pizza dinners, one before the Sistine Chapel and this one was late after - we tried to be adventurous and got this black and white pizza which was SO good the cruse was my favorite although for the life of me I can't figure out why it was black out waiter didn't know either. 

Stay tuned for Thursday's post of Florence and Orvieto!